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EMDR & Progressive Counting expert helping mental health professionals help others on their healing journey.

Making Alternative Therapies Inclusive

Every individual has a unique journey. Get to know the story behind Harmonyhearth, how we found our path, and how we can help you on yours.

Kriss Jarecki

LCSWR & EMDR Trainer

Kriss has dedicated her professional life to helping others navigate the complexities of trauma.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1987, Kriss recognized the need for more holistic, unique trauma therapies, branching out into Progressive Counting and EMDR.

Her fun, open spirit and ability to connect with others led her to online training and consulting for mental health professionals.

As well as teaching others online, Kriss currently has a private practice where she treats teens and adults for PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, phobias, and adjustment issues with EMDR.

Kriss is also a published author and renowned speaker, having presented “From Trauma to Triumph: Journey to Resiliency in the Community of Those with a Disability” at the EMDR Canada 2022 conference and the EMDR International Association 2022 and 2023 conferences and the EMDR International Association 2022 conference. Kriss also created a course on trauma and shame and a course on trauma and disabilities for the University of Buffalo School of Social Work Continuing Education Department.

Kriss Jarecki

A Progressive Approach to Healing

At Harmonyhearth, we believe in making different therapies more accessible to everyone. Sometimes, talk therapy just won’t cut it, and you need to dig a little deeper with your patients to truly get to the root of their issues.

We take a fun, engaging approach to EMDR and Progressive Counting online training for mental health professionals, so you can continue to advance your skills and take clients to their next level as a therapist and provide the best care to each one of your patients.

Offering a new therapy can be daunting, especially when you’re only getting your feet wet with the practice yourself. Your comfort and confidence as an EMDR provider are our priority. We’ll be by your side, guiding you every step of the way as you navigate this new, exciting field.

Committed to helping others grow

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What is trauma and how can EMDR help?

Healing isn’t linear. And neither is learning.

EMDR is often the missing link in your patients’ recovery. But sometimes accessing what feels like an exclusive therapy isn’t easy.

Everyone deserves the right to compassionate care. EMDR has proven to be extremely successful in treating trauma by helping patients process their experiences and feelings in a safe, alternative way. EMDR is also compassionate about clinician self-care as there is a confidentiality component to the protocol that not only protects the client from secondary PTSD but also the clinician!

Spreading Healing Around the World

One Therapist at a Time

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