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Transform your Approach to Trauma Therapy

Immersive EMDR & Progressive Counting training & consulting for mental health professionals who want to make a difference.

Taking the fear out of EMDR & Progressive Counting therapy

If integrating new therapies into your practice feels overwhelming, you're not alone. At Harmonyhearth Center for Wisdom, we're all about demystifying complex therapy frameworks with engaging, interactive EMDR and Progressive Counting trainings.

We understand the challenges you face with new methodologies like EMDR and Progressive Counting. We're here to guide you through them, step by step – under the empowering guidance of EMDR & Progressive Counting expert, Kriss Jarecki.


EMDR Therapy Basic Training Course

This course provides comprehensive training for clinicians in trauma treatment, covering everything from establishing a foundational understanding of trauma and neurobiology to implementing EMDR protocols effectively. Participants will learn relaxation techniques, EMDR phases, mechanisms of effect, and specialized tasks such as cognitive interweaves and future templates. Case consultations and various interactive methods, including lecture and group discussion, enhance learning, preparing participants for EMDR certification. (CE Credits)

May 23, 2024

Monthly Group Consultations

This Month's Topic:
OCD and the use of MTR

By participating in Group Consultations, you're not just ticking off hours for your EMDR Certification, but you gain valuable insights that contribute to your professional growth. To participate in group consultations, you must already have completed your EMDR Basic Training.

EMDR training workshop
Kriss Jarecki

Meet Kriss Jarecki

A leading light in EMDR & Progressive Counting therapy

Kriss has always believed in the power of helping others. Her journey in trauma therapy, from children and family care to becoming a seasoned EMDR & Progressive Counting consultant and trainer, reflects her deep commitment. With a rich career history spanning 30+ years in the mental health sector, Kriss is known in the industry for her relatable, encouraging teaching style. For Kriss, it’s about making a real difference, not just going through the motions. She brings the perfect blend of professional wisdom, personal insights, and the occasional chuckle to her EMDR & Progressive Counting training and consulting sessions, making each learning experience both enriching and enjoyable.

EMDR & Progressive Counting Training & Consulting Services

Looking to grow professionally? Let's do it together. Kriss offers a range of services in EMDR therapy and Progressive Counting, empowering you to effectively treat trauma in your practice.


Unravel the complexities of trauma with comprehensive training courses in EMDR and Progressive Counting, designed for deep understanding and practical application.


In personalized sessions, Kriss helps you seamlessly integrate EMDR and Progressive Counting into your practice, ensuring you're fully equipped to make a difference.


Kriss's speaking engagements are a mix of insightful knowledge and engaging storytelling, perfect for teams and institutions eager to expand their trauma therapy understanding.

What our Students Have to Say

Here's the proof in the pudding! Hear directly from students who've experienced the practical, approachable nature of Kriss's EMDR and Progressive Counting training.

"Kriss is very knowledgeable and delivers the information in a clear, thorough and oftentimes fun way!"

EMDR Basic Training participant

"I actually paid attention the entire day! I learned so much and loved Kriss's training style."

EMDR Reboot and Refresher participant

"Kriss brings passion and excitement that is infectious ;)!. I can't wait to bring these interventions to my clients!"

A Tour of Trauma Techniques participant

"I really appreciated the structure of the course as every day there was a variety of either client videos, practicums or interactive discussions. I also like that it's laid out over a few months to give time to practice with clients and get feedback."

EMDR Basic Training participant

Your Journey to EMDR Therapy Excellence

Kriss guides you through a structured and supportive journey in EMDR & Progressive Counting therapy - from foundational knowledge to advanced practices – ensuring you receive the enriching learning experience you need to deliver the best patient care.

Start with the Basics

Gain a thorough understanding of EMDR and Progressive Counting's core principles, setting a strong foundation for your practice.

Deepen your Knowledge

Engage in detailed training sessions, exploring the nuances of EMDR and Progressive Counting and applying them effectively.

Never stop Learning

Stay connected with our community for ongoing support and updates, keeping your skills sharp and your approach innovative.

Say That Again

By Kriss Jarecki

The book that simplifies EMDR therapy for mental health professionals.

Therapy is serious, but learning about it? That can be fun. In Say That Again, Kriss shares her expertise in trauma therapy with clarity and compassion. This book simplifies complex therapeutic approaches, making them accessible for every mental health practitioner. Kriss infuses the text with practical scripts, real-life scenarios, and her trademark humor. It's an essential guide for therapists aiming to expand their skills and make a tangible difference in their patients’ lives.

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Here, you'll find everything from hands-on advice to heartwarming stories and a rich resource library – all aimed at making EMDR and Progressive Counting more accessible for your practice.


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