Unlock the Power of Therapeutic Storytelling with a Self-Paced Training Course for Therapists


The Tree of Me and Seed to Weed

A self-paced course of interactive techniques to explain trauma, gather targets and highlight treatment outcomes.

The Tree of Me

Transform your client sessions with the engaging "Tree of Me" technique. This approach helps clients gather and explore their life's journey, normalizing both their good and not-so-good experiences. As clients work through memories, they can visually track their progress by removing memories from the tree and adding leaves that represent the positive outcomes of their hard work. This method fosters comfort and openness, encouraging clients to share their experiences more freely.

Seed to Weed

Take your therapeutic impact to the next level with the "Seed to Weed" technique. This illustrated garden metaphor guides clients in understanding how their life events contribute to their current issues and concerns. The Seed to Weed technique not only aids in presenting trauma and treatment plans but also introduces Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in a way that is easy to grasp. Clients can clearly see their progress throughout the treatment, enhancing their engagement and commitment.

What You Will Learn:

  • Explain the Tree of Me to Clients: Learn how to introduce and explain this technique, helping clients work through their memories and transform their experiences into positive ones.
  • Implement the Tree of Me Treatment Plan: Master the steps to effectively use the Tree of Me in your sessions, guiding clients towards visualizing and achieving their progress.
  • Articulate the Seed to Weed to Clients: Gain the skills to explain the Seed to Weed approach, ensuring clients understand the program, the treatment plan, and their progress.
  • Carry Out the Seed to Weed with Clients: Learn to execute this technique clearly and effectively, from initial introduction to tracking and celebrating progress.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Self-Paced Learning
    Fit your professional development into your busy schedule with our flexible, self-paced format.
  • Earn 3 Credits from EMDRIA
    Enhance your EMDRIA credentials and help renew your EMDR certification with EMDRIA.
  • Practical, Engaging Techniques
    Add dynamic new tools to your practice that make therapy sessions more engaging and effective for clients of all ages.

Self-Paced Video Training Series: $89


"This was a fun training and I can actually use the interventions taught!" 

"Kriss was engaging, clear and thorough and I loved the client videos" 

"I appreciated such a creative way to teach clients about trauma and the use of EMDR" 

"A wonderful training all around"

Kriss Jarecki

Meet the Instructor: Kriss Jarecki

Kriss, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1987, is a seasoned consultant and trainer in Progressive Counting and EMDR. She serves on the EMDR International Association Board of Directors, with expertise as an advanced training provider. With a rich background, Kriss has over ten years’ experience in chemical dependency, working as a clinician, supervisor, and field instructor for the UB School of Social Work.

In her private practice, Kriss specializes in treating challenges like PTSD, self-injurious behaviors, depression, anxiety, phobias, and adjustment issues for teens through adults. She has published articles in reputable journals and developed courses on trauma and shame, as well as trauma and disabilities for the University of Buffalo School of Social Work.

Kriss offers various trauma-related trainings, such as Integrating Neuroscientific Interventions in Trauma Treatment, A Tour of Trauma Sensitive Techniques for the EMDR Practitioner, IFS Meets EMDR, and Journey of the LGBTQ+ Community from Trauma to Triumph. She presented at EMDR Canada and EMDR International Association conferences on "From Trauma to Triumph: Journey to Resiliency in the Community of Those with a Disability." She also presented The Tree of Me and Seed to Weed Techniques at the 2024 EMDR Canada conference. The video we made for the conference is the exact one you’ll be watching!

Her book, "Say That Again: A Smorgasbord of Suggestions, Sayings and Scripts for the EMDR Practitioner," is available on BookBaby and Amazon. For training details, information, and consultation opportunities, visit harmonyhearthwisdom.com.